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Duncan Pike - Chairman


Duncan is Fiasco’s figurehead and consummate all-rounder, equally at home climbing, time trialling or pootling on his Brompton. As Chairman he has become a master of doing the jobs nobody else can be arsed to do. Mr Logistics, the Routemeister General, Champion Stick Licker – his array of nicknames bear testimony to the myriad roles he fulfils without complaint. Except once. (All together now: ‘It’s not on!’)

Duncan likes Southampton FC, Lapierre bikes and lycra.

Jim Wynn - Treasurer


To the outside world he is Jim Wynn. To his fellow Fiasci he is Diesel, a nickname earned by his solitary cycling talent: an ability to defy pain and simply keep on going. As club treasurer his tendency to split hairs and err on the side of caution is, for once, welcome.

Jim likes Leeds Utd and cheese, though not necessarily in that order. A cyclist of the old school, he thinks tights and base layers are for ladies.

Richard Price - Club Secretary


Richard is a modern-day renaissance man: journalist, writer, musician, singer, gardener, chef, nutritionist, male model and cyclist.  

On the road, he will either be seen loitering at the back of the peloton chatting, or alternatively dropping everyone as he dances up a mountain.

He supports Liverpool FC and likes dogs, but not rainy weather.

David Payne - Social Secretary & Head of Science


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s David ‘Bomber’ Payne on his carbon Canyon weapon of ass destruction.The undisputed powerhouse of Fiasco, David says he is not competitive. Which is true, with the exception of ALL THE TIME.

His sunny disposition makes him the ideal social secretary, while his contrarian instincts mark him out as a first class science officer and chief meteorologist. Just don’t trust him with an important job.

David likes Leicester City, cricket and Strava. Mostly Strava.

Oli Else - Head of Fundraising & Sponsorship


Ride on the flat with Oli and all you’ll ever see is a Rapha-clad backside and a clean pair of (lace up) heels. But your pleas for clemency will fall on deaf ears with this TT demon (quite literally, so that’s not even funny, OK?)

Fiasco’s fundraising Czar goes as hard on a Friday night as he does on our Saturday morning club rides, which is probably why his descending speeds are bordering on illegal.

Oli likes long lunches, Liverpool FC and wearing blazers so eye-wateringly colourful they should be banned from the Gatwick flightpath.

David Long - Head of Digital & Club Photographer


David started cycling later than any of us, which makes it all the more annoying when he goes spinning off up hills with the cadence of Chris Froome on Ritalin. Just don’t ask him about ‘the White Down incident’.He is Fiasco’s head of digital and official club photographer and does one of those jobs very well indeed.

David likes Huddersfield Town, green tea, peppermint tea, jasmine t…

David likes football and tea.

Sam Burrows - Head of MTB & Shredding

2 times Fiasco club champion 

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