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Fiasco Cycling Club rose from the ashes of Tesco’s thus-far-doomed attempt to build a new store on the boundary line between Farncombe and Godalming.

Every Saturday morning a group of like-minded cycling fanatics found themselves meeting by the charred carcass of said superstore.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We didn’t start the fire. It’s just a handily located roundabout.

We did, however, take quite a shine to the sign nailed to the wall by an anonymous local hero.

‘Nice colours,’ we thought. ‘I wonder what they’d look like on a jersey?’

By now a solid group had formed. We had been riding together up and down the Surrey Hills for months. We had even hauled our bikes and backsides all the way to Bordeaux, raising money for a local charity. The spark became a flame. It was time to make it official: FGCC was born.


First and foremost Fiasco is about enjoying ourselves. Have fun, go cycling (to blatantly steal the motto of a local bike shop).


Of course there is friendly competition but we are inclusive and the opposite of intimidating (just scroll through our photo gallery for evidence of that).


As well as weekly club rides we organise at least one foreign trip a year, setting the unmistakable Fiasco livery crawling up mountains and shuddering along the pave across Europe.


If you like riding your road bike and don’t take yourself too seriously, we may just be the club for you.


FIASCO supports two fantastic Surrey-based charities in The Fountain Centre and The Samson Centre. They provide amazing resources and support for those affected by cancer and MS. We love supporting them - visit their websites to find out why.


Check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram feeds or email us at


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