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Tour de KAW day 3

By Sam B

Back to the grind

The final day and final push was dawning. Once again, weary bodies gathered for breakfast, water bottle fill ups and motivational banter. The initial first hazard to overcome, was to check the bikes were still in the pubs bike shelter. The raising of the shelter lid revealed all six bikes still safe and sound. As is tradition a bit of bike faffage ensued. The thick coating of dust led to a few quick chain lubrications and then we were off.

If planning a 3 day KAW attempt, this is a great final day from an effort perspective. The most tarmac to ride, the least distance and by far the least climbing out of the three days. With tired legs it was nice too know the worst was certainly behind us. The only issue for the day ahead was the ever aching saddle sores that had gotten even worse for all.

Heading south towards Reading good progress was made and eventually we picked up the Thames path. Given we were in the height of summer the welcome shade was countered by the significant overgrown plant life along this stretch. Its was seriously overgrown in places, which was fine for the most part but a little tricky with dogs and their owners from time to time. the ride through Reading gave a very different sensation to that of the previous two days. It was strange to be in a big city landscape after two relentless days of riding country paths and lanes with barely a building in site.

There are not many sights to see of experiences along this entire stretch of the route. Its just pleasant riding. After a good number of kilometers we started to reach trails we recognised, starting at the military training grounds of Aldershot. The woods here are home to Gorrick MTB XC racing, and a minor detour took the group off KAW through the woods on some of the racing single tracks. Back onto KAW next stop was the much talked about lunch stop of Hungry Boys burgers in Farnham. It was burgers all round to try and replace some of the lost calories from the previous three days. Although eating massive dirty burgers sat outside in 30 degree heat is a challenge in itself.

Late lunch completed it was back on the bikes for the last leg back to Godalming via our home trails of Bourne Wood, Frensham and Thursley.

One way to cool down at Frensham

Smiles all round as so close to home!

Once at Milford the group said their farewells and everyone headed off in different directions home, all glad they were not having to cycle to Guildford (up the cobbled High Street) like Lee.

All agreed that King Alfred's Way is an absolutely fantastic adventure. Our final day was by far the least interesting section of the route, but the stretch clockwise from Thursley to Streatley, in the sunshine, is two of the best days riding we have done. Talk in the days after immediately turned to the next adventure, with the West Kernow Way a likely contender...


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